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Meet Our Staff


Roy Johnson
Senior Pastor

Through the Eyes of Jesus

I love to see people who love others like Jesus did. Didn't matter where you came from, how long you've been gone, how much baggage you carried, or how much help you needed.  Jesus loved and loves you. He viewed everyone he met as a future, if not already a follower.

I believe Jesus had an affectionate smile, immediately inviting you into a conversation with someone who would really listen. Someone who cared with the kind of rare empathy which transcended normal humanity. People who met Jesus were profoundly impacted.

Jesus had a passion for the forgotten, the folks who no one else wanted. The people who would make most 'religious' people nervous and uncomfortable. His compassion wasn't a social position. it was a deep conviction people mattered. Jesus was going to love you, it is who he was and is.

If you come from a difficult and troubled past, you were welcomed to join him.  He didn't spend timne focused on the past, but today and tomorrow. He saw the present in light of the future. He wasn't surprised by people's shattered lives. But He didn't look the other way either.

This is who Jesus was, and is.  This is who I want to be.

As always, it's your choice. Choose wisely.


Music Pastor


Hannah McLelland Steed
Youth Director and Mission Coordinator

Hannah McLelland Steed  is Central’s Youth Director and Mission Coordinator. She is a life-long resident of  Prescott. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Arkansas for
Medical Sciences in 2014 and her Master’s in Public Health from A.T. Still University.


In 2019, Hannah moved to San José, Costa Rica to study the Spanish Language. Hannah moved to Mexico in August of 2021 to serve as a medical missionary at El Rinconcito outside of Aquismón, San Luis Potosí.

She and Chance Steed, started dating in November of 2020 while she was state-side due to the pandemic.  Hannah and Chance were married in March of 2023 and look forward to following God’s plan for service to their communities, both near and far. Together they enjoy traveling, listening to podcasts, attending sporting events, completing jigsaw puzzles, eating at new restaurants, going to the movies, and playing with their three dogs.

Also a life-long resident of Prescott, Chance is currently studying to pursue a degree as  a Physical
Therapy Assistant.

What we believe:

Following Jesus - Seeking, Serving, Sharing

our values:

The Bible / Prayer / Worship / Missions / Spiritual Growth- Discipleship / Service / Fellowship / Faith / Ministry to all ages

our Mission:

The mission of Central Baptist Church as a faith-based fellowship is to encourage spiritual growth and minister to all ages through prayer, worship, and service.

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