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Be Someone’s Light in the Darkness

What if:

You stopped living life for yourself and started living for Him?

You ceased trying to get the most out of your life and instead invested in helping others get the most out of theirs?

You relinquished your self rule and choose to live a "God Centered Life"?

In slightly more than 133 hours a new year begins. You must choose for whom and for what you will dedicate 2023. You will decide on one of two paths, righteousness or wickedness. No other choice exists.

How do you live a "God Centered Life"?

First, recognize you cannot follow God on your own terms. You must determine if you genuinely want to be a follower of Jesus, and, if you do, to abandon living life to the tune of "I Did it My Way".

The truly blessed life is lived by orienting our lives to God's ways of doing things (theonomy), rather than autonomy (self rule) or heteronomy (others rules).

Second, realize you are personally responsible for the decisions you make in your life. Blaming others is the last regressive step which begins with disobedience. Looking for someone or something to blame indicates a sinful, ungrateful, and dishonest heart.

Third, respond to His call to be faithful and fruitful follower of Jesus. You are responsible for helping to find an answer to the following two questions:

1. How will you (I) be a part of ensuring everyone in your community is able to hear the gospel, have an opportunity to respond and be drawn into a healthy, active community of faith?

2. How will you (I) ‘go' and share your faith with the members of your community in a legitimately caring and loving way rather than simply being content with hoping they will 'come" to some event.

God wants to bless you! God wants to bless all of us! You and I must intentionally decide whether or not we will live a "God Centered Life" or something/someone else centered life.

It makes a difference. Now and in eternity.

Be the light in your corner of the world.

As always, it's your choice. Choose wisely.

peace, roy


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Roy Johnson

Senior Pastor

Through the Eyes of Jesus

I love to see people who love others like Jesus did. Didn't matter where you came from, how long you've been gone, how much baggage you carried, or how much help you needed.  Jesus loved and loves you. He viewed everyone he met as a future, if not already a follower.

I believe Jesus had an affectionate smile, immediately inviting you into a conversation with someone who would really listen. Someone who cared with the kind of rare empathy which transcended normal humanity. People who met Jesus were profoundly impacted.

Jesus had a passion for the forgotten, the folks who no one else wanted. The people who would make most 'religious' people nervous and uncomfortable. His compassion wasn't a social position. it was a deep conviction people mattered. Jesus was going to love you, it is who he was and is.

If you come from a difficult and troubled past, you were welcomed to join him.  He didn't spend timne focused on the past, but today and tomorrow. He saw the present in light of the future. He wasn't surprised by people's shattered lives. But He didn't look the other way either.

This is who Jesus was, and is.  This is who I want to be.

As always, it's your choice. Choose wisely.

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